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Goodbye body hair

What if there was a way to permanently get rid of body hair in a quick and painless way, in the privacy of your home? Too good to be true? What we’re about to show you is 100% real.

Meet the Jenzi™ 2-IN-1 IPL Hair Removal Device — Your new secret ally for achieving buttery smooth skin.

Here’s why jenzi is amazing

Long-lasting, visible results

Most customers notice hair reduction after just 3-4 treatments, with complete results after 12 sessions.

Pain-free & safe for sensitive skin

You will only feel a warm sensation on the skin. Numerous studies proved IPL's safety and effectiveness for hair removal.

Quick and easy to use

Complete a full body treatment in as little as 30 minutes.

Works on many skin tones

Jenzi™ has visible results on all but the darkest skin tones.

Can be used on any body part

The device works anywhere — face, arms, legs, stomach, Brazilian area.

Salon results at home

Enjoy salon level results in the comfort of your home.

the magic technology

Jenzi™ is an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair-removal and skin rejuvenation device. Designed for men and women looking for pain-free, long-lasting hair removal, our Jenzi IPL gadget puts salon-quality treatment in your hands for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own home.


With IPL Hair Removal technology, gentle pulses of light with the wavelength range between 550nm-1200nm are applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair root, targeting and heating up the hair follicle to damage a portion of it with treatment, resulting in it detaching from your skin.


Compared to the equipment of a beauty salon (need professional training to operate), Jenzi™ devices have a much lower energy output which makes them safer for you to use on your own.

how jenzi works

1. Shave the area

In order to effectively remove hair, you should shave so that the flashes of light can target your follicle.

2. Light targets the hair follicle

The flashes of light target and damage the hair follicle.

3. Hair stops growing back

The damaged hair follicle won't grow back.

hello healthy skin

Jenzi™ is a 2-in-1 device so it helps you permanently remove unwanted body hair and is a great way to refresh and heal your skin.


The device’s light is also used to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin to improve its appearance for a uniform, glowing complexion – without discomfort or downtime.


IPL also boosts the production of collagen, a natural protein, making the skin smooth and supple.

skin rejuvenation

Regenerates your skin

The IPL stimulates the regeneration of collagen, elastic fibers which in turn improves the color and texture of one's skin without surgery or pain.

Improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles

IPL can treat some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure called photoaging. Your skin tone gets more even and wrinkles are reduced.

permanent results

Say goodbye to irritations from razors, extreme pain from waxing or any other painstaking method of removing hair.

With Jenzi™ you will get rid of body hair fast and with no pain at all. The best part? The results are visible after just a few sessions and last a long time, only needing touch-up sessions every few months after you complete the treatment.

works for most skin & hair types

IPL is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. This is because the light energy may be more attracted to the pigments in the skin rather than the melanin in the hair.

Similarly, the device works best for darker hair colors.

Please refer to the charts below to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you.

safe to use anywhere

You can use the device to remove body hair and rejuvenate the skin anywhere on your body:

moneyback guarantee

We have absolute confidence in providing you with the best at-home IPL Hair Removal Handset in the world. That’s why we’re proud to offer our 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


In the unlikely event that you don’t see results, simply return your handset and we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Now you can get silky, smooth skin without the worry.


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what’s in the box?

Jenzi™ IPL Device

Power Adapter

Protective Eyewear

User Manual

Warranty Card

frequent questions

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light , it is when gentle pulses of light with the wavelength range between 550nm-1200nm are applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair root, targeting and heating up the hair follicle to damage a portion of it with each treatment. This light is used to target specific cells in your body, to either denature them or stimulate them depending on the desired outcome from the IPL treatment.

If performed correctly IPL should be a fairly painless experience.

Several factors will have an impact on how many treatment sessions you may need, including diet, lifestyle, medications, hormones, tolerance to light, & even treatment consistency. Somewhere between 6-12 is a good guide to work to.

It differs from individual to individual, some see results as soon as 1 week , after their first treatment and some it may take a slightly longer time before their results are visible. 

For customers to get the best IPL results, the treatments should be spaced from 4 weeks between your first few, gradually increasing to 8 weeks apart. Yearly to bi-yearly top up treatments are recommended for maintenance.

Age spots, Sun damage, Freckles, Birthmarks, Varicose veins, Broken blood vessels on your face, Rosacea, Hair on your face, neck, back, chest, legs, underarms, or bikini line.

We recommend you wear sunglasses at all times while using the Jenzi IPL Device.

In order to switch the Jenszi Device on, you must hold the power button on for longer than 2 seconds. The function button above the power button is to change the levels on the hair removal function.


To change to skin rejuvenation you will need to hold both buttons down together simultaneously. You will then see the HR change to SR. There is only 1 setting for skin rejuvenation.

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